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We build narrative experiences for mobile and desktop.

Stop A MurderWeb

J.A. Konrath, Amazon bestselling author, had a daring idea for a new project: a mystery that readers would solve instead of letting a character do it for them. We built two companion web sites for his Stop a Murder ebooks, where readers supply answers to riddles posed by a devilish antagonist.

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Nocked! True Tales of Robin HoodiOS

We helped ebook author Andrew Schneider bring his vision of the Robin Hood myth to life. We transformed the Twine game he had created—consisting of over 400,000 words of text—into an iOS game with social media integration.

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Undo OthelloWeb

For the Shakespeare Theatre Company's 2016 production of Othello, we built an interactive exploration of Act IV, Scene I of the tragedy. Visitors are invited to engage with the text through close reading in order to answer an age-old question: could Othello's tragedy been averted?

We built a modern, quick-loading site for Undo Othello that meshed with existing branding and promotional art assets.

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Camp Keepalive, Alight, Sought, Sanctuary 17, Where We RemainWeb, Desktop

From 2010–2013, we created games under the name Twofold Secret. Our games ran the gamut of genres from action to strategy.

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Our Team

Joel Haddock has been working in Web design and development since 1999. In addition to his work as a writer and game designer, he has many years of project management experience in bringing technical undertakings to completion.

Chris Klimas has been creating on the Web for over two decades. He created Twine, a popular open-source application for creating interactive narratives in 2009 and continues to lead the project. He's also the author of several text adventure games, including the award-winning Blue Chairs.

Our Technology

Disbound is our proprietary engine that adapts Twine-based interactive narratives to a native experience. Twine is often used as a prototyping tool—for instance, it was used with popular games such as Lifeline and Firewatch. Disbound provides a smooth transition between Twine and native experiences without having to recode or rewrite anything.

Beyond Twine, we use our years of creative and technical experience to craft exceptional experiences on platforms from desktop to mobile and beyond.

Work With Us

In addition to the games we produce, we also work with clients to create engaging interactive experiences. If you would like to collaborate with us, drop us a line.

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