Unmapped Path

We build interactive narrative experiences for desktop and mobile.

Our collaboration with the Shakespeare Theater Company, Undo Othello, has launched.

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Who We Are

Joel Haddock Joel Haddock has been working Web design and development since 1999. In addition to his work as a writer and game designer, he has many years of project management experience in bringing technical undertakings to completion.

Chris Klimas Chris Klimas has been creating on the Web for over two decades. He created Twine, an open-source tool for interactive text-based storytelling, in 2009 and continues to lead the project. He's also the author of several text adventure games, including the award-winning Blue Chairs.

Our Work

Our studio builds narrative-centric games and interactive activities.

Undo: Othello (2016)

An annotated interactive exploration of a single scene of Shakespeare's tragedy. Built for the Shakespeare Theater Company.

From 2010—2013, we also created browser-based and downloadable games under the name Twofold Secret.

Camp Keepalive (2013)

A turn-based strategy game set in a camp straight out of an 80's horror movie.

Sought (2012)

A two-player maze game meant to be played by one person.

Alight (2011)

A platformer about a man dreaming about his past, who smells smoke in his dream but doesn't know why.

Sanctuary 17 (2010)

A maze-based shooter inspired by the Intellivision classic Night Stalker.

Where We Remain (2010)

An action-adventure game in the style of Legend of Zelda set on a desolate island teeming with flowers and shades.

Hire Us

In addition to the games we produce, we also work with clients to create engaging interactive experiences. Would you like to collaborate with us? Drop us a line at hello@unmappedpath.com.